hematite collector in flotation

Hematite Collector In Flotation


these findings. Thus it has been shown that the hematite flotation using ole-ate as collector is highly sensitive to pH [10] and that the best flotation re-coveries are obtained in the pH range of 6-8 [1,3-8,10-12]. Also, increase in the conditioning temperature has been reported to significantly improve the hematite flotation response [5].

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FLOTATION CHEMISTRY OF HEMATITE/OLEATE SYSTEM were among the first to investigate the utility of various collectors in hematite flotation from quartz. In their extensive study, they concluded that fatty acids and their soaps are superior collectors for hematite flotation and among these, sodium oleate is the best collector.

Quartz-Calcite-Hematite System Flotation

Quartz-Hematite. The flotation of hematite from a mixture of quartz and hematite (Figure 5) was almost unchanged from its flotation behavior alone. There was a smaller quantity of hematite present than when floated alone and, if quartz adsorbed no collector, the widening of the pH flotation range on the alkaline side might be expected.

Reverse flotation separation of hematite from quartz ...

Aug 01, 2019 · Selective aggregation of hematite with magnetite enhanced selectivity of flotation separation of fine hematite from quartz. Fine magnetite served as a depressant to flotation of quartz. Magnetic forces dominated aggregation and colloidal forces controlled selectivity of separation.

Hematite Processing by Flotation

Hematite Flotation Circuit Each flotation circuit consists of a four cell open flow roughing section followed by a two cell scavenger. The scavenger concentrate is returned by gravity to the third rougher cell and the rougher concentrate from the first rougher cell is sufficiently high grade ( + 58% Fe) to combine with the cleaner concentrate which flows by gravity to the recleaners.

Flotation of Quartz and Hematite: Adsorption Mechanism of ...

It is the first time that the hematite flotation results show an increased adsorption of cationic collector in the presence of anionic collector apart from its own co-adsorption.

The nature of hematite depression with stone starch in the ...

Aug 15, 2018 · The micro-flotation tests for hematite with mono ether amine used as collector and frother, and stone starch used as depressant, were performed using a 112 ml column cell with a porous sintered glass bottom for gas dispersion, and a magnetic stirrer. All micro-flotation tests were performed at …

Kaolinite and hematite flotation separation using ...

Amines and ammonium quaternary salts may be used in the flotation separation between kaolinite and hematite. The presence of stone starch enhances the separation selectivity. The ore particle size affects the laboratory scale flotation selectivity.

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The flotation of iron ore started with the direct flotation of iron oxides using anionic collectors, but was latter largely replaced by reverse cationic flotation which has become the most widely used flotation route in the iron ore industry.

Adsorption mechanism of mixed collector systems on ...

The flotation response of hematite as a function of pH at fixed cationic and anionic collector concentration is shown in Fig. 1. Results clearly indicate that with cationic C 12 amine collector the flotation recovery increases with the increase of pH till around pH 9.5 and thereafter, the recovery decreases marginally.

A study of selective flotation recovery of rare earth ...

The flotation of rare earth oxides (REO) in monazite from mixtures containing monazite, hematite, and quartz with hydroxamic acid as a collector has been investigated using an IMN microflotation cell and a 1.2 L Denver flotation cell. Maximum flotation recovery of both monazite and hematite was attained at pH 7, whereas that of quartz, at pH 3.

Flotation of silicates gangue from hematite containing ...

of hematite by starch and flotation of silicates by amine collectors. Simultaneously, the adsorption of starch occurred on the quartz particles covered by iron oxides and on minerals,


hematite independently with cationic and anionic collectors as well as with mixed cationic/anionic collector systems is assessed. The flotation response as a function of pH and collector...

Adsorption Mechanism of Mixed Cationic/Anionic Collectors ...

Nov 12, 2013 · Maximum hematite floatation recovery was observed at acidic pH with sulfate, neutral pH with oleate, and at basic pH about 9.5 with C 12 amine. Accelerated adsorption of cationic collector in the presence of anionic collector apart from its own co-adsorption was observed in flotation results with quartz and hematite.

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In magnetite flotation, the collector must be able to float mixed magnetite-silica grains; in hematite flotation, the typical need is to float fully liberated quartz from hematite.

Flotation of Hematite Using Oleates as Collectors - AusIMM

The mineral hematite floated strongly in the neutral pH region, with an increased pH range of flotation at higher oleate additions. Concentrates with sufficient hematite grade to meet the paint pigment specification were produced using oleic acid and sodium oleate …

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